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Doom 3 Last Man Standing Server Version 4.0 15 October, 2017 MARINE HARD, C.O.
Hi everyone,
I thought it would be fun to have a special "Halloween Party" this year Saturday Night October 28th. 
 I plan on having a  Doom 3 "Last man Standing  Version 4.0 Server"  running on SG-2 starting October 26th.
  This mod allows multiplayers to battle against Demons from Hell on Mars.  Its great fun.  In the past many members have really enjoyed it.  This requires an inexpensive purchase of the ORIGINAL  Doom 3 (NOT Doom 3 BFG) and a FREE download of the LMS mod file.  Please click on the following link to our clan forums which has ALL information you may need.

For Information on the mod download and installation, check out the clan forums.  This post has download and installation information for LMS version 4.0

Please set up Doom 3 and the LMS 4.0 Mod ASAP in case you have to troubleshoot issues in advance of October 28th.

If you have any questions, please email Grr or me.


AVP2 SG-2 Servers Back On-Line 29 April, 2017 MARINE HARD, CO
I am pleased to announce that our AVP2 Servers are now up and running.  Here is a listing of our servers as of 6-25-17: SG-2 - IS BACK - ALL WEAPONS DEATHMATCH - Kill ALL SG-2 Limited Weapons HARD-CORE EVAC M vs A SG-2 NEW Life Cycle Mod SG-2 TDM Custom+STD Maps-ALL RACES

If you have ANY Suggestions or comments, please feel free to post in our Discussion Forums

SG-2 Teamspeak Server for Clan + Friends 18 February, 2017 MARINE HARD, CO
The Old SG-2 TeamSpeak is shutting down effective Sunday February 19th.  Our clan and friends will be using the new (and improved) TeamSpeak (MANY THANKS to Artax).
The entire permissions system and server admin operations now work as they are supposed to.

To connect to the new TeamSpeak:

In the Server Address Window just type, or copy and paste, 
Or, you can use either of these two domain addresses:   or

If you need the server password, please contact Grr, Sonic, Furg or myself.  Our email addresses are located in our membership directory

Current SG-2 Servers 16 May, 2015 MARINE HARD, CO

 AVP2 SG-2 UMP EVAC Limited Weapons MS 2.2 [D] *R7.5.0b* SG-2 DEATHMATCH - Kill ALL MS 2.2 [D] *R7.5.0b* SG-2 HARD-CORE SURVIVOR MS 2.2 [D] *R7.5.0b* SG-2  Life Cycle is back MS 2.2 [D] *R7.5.0b* SG-2 Fusion Custom Maps [D] *R7.5.0b* SG-2 Marines vs BOT Aliens Maps MS 2.2 [D] *R7.5.0b*
AVP (2010) SG-2 TDM SG-2
Enemy Territory Quake Wars  SG-2 Bots

Killing Floors 1  SG-2 Bots

Killing Floors 2 SG-2 CLAN SERVER SG-2

Counterstrike Global Offensive SG-2

Counterstrike Source SG-2 AVERAGE BOTS
Left 4 Dead 2 SG-2 L4D2 Custom Maps SG-2 L4D2 Gib Fest Mutations Server -

Left 4 Dead 1 SG-2 l4D1 EXPERT

If you would like to see all SG-2 server online, let me suggest that you install a little program called Half Life Server Watch (HLSW).    This program also allows you to also Admin many games, particularly Valve Source Games (CSGO, CS-S, L4D 1 and 2, etc).


Applications for Clan Membership 14 December, 2011 MARINE HARD, CO

We have streamlined our membership application process.  

To fill out an application, click on the join SGC button and you will be contacted shortly.